Stock trade marks from 1975

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Here’s part of the May/June 1975 issue of Herring Design Quarterlies.

Stock Trade Marks

Dear corporation president, public relations director, or agency art buyer: Are you in need of a dynamic new image to replace the smoking smoke stacks you or your client is now using as a trade mark? Well, I’m sure the answer to that question is YES! But you’re hesitant to act because of the time, expense and uncertainty of selecting an image to represent you or your client.

That is precisely why Herring Design Studio of Houston, Texas has gone to the effort of preparing this collection of Stock Trade Marks. Long a leader in the design of trade marks and logotypes, HDS now draws on this vast experience to offer trade marks that are not only inexpensive, but can be used for almost any company.

So why not order a trade mark today? You may want to order one for yourself and all your subsidiaries.

When ordering specify the full name of the company and whether you want the trade mark centered over the name or to the right side. All the designs are available in black, green and blue. A few are available in red. Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

The World Trade Mark
Very versatile, although you should have at least one out-of-state office.
globe logo

The Arrow Trade Mark
For companies on the move, on the way up, or on the go. Specify if you are going straight up or to the right.
arrow logo

The Star Trade Mark
Perfect for those doing movie, government, or occult work. Special clearance needed to use in red.
star logo

The Modern Trade Mark
Can be interpreted in many ways. An ideal choice when dealing with a committee.
modern logo

The Tree Trade Mark
A must for a real estate project. Goes real well with woodsy names like Oakmont or Pinesap Apartments.
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Communication Arts page spread

You can view more stock trade marks in the full Communication Arts page spread by downloading this PDF: Stock Trade Marks (376kb)

Via James Bowie (thanks, James).

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