Weis Wave With Alert v10.0 MT4 Without DLL

برای خرید به پشتیبان پیام بدهید

Weis Wave With Alert indicator is rooted in the foundational principles of Richard D. Wyckoff’s theory, offering traders a sophisticated tool for market analysis. Compatible with various timeframes, range bar charts, and tick bar charts, it boasts versatility across multiple markets. This indicator represents an evolution of the classic Weis Wave, introducing innovative features such as autowaves, five distinct wave types, and the robust Speed Index. Each price wave exhibits a clear directional movement until it undergoes a reversal. To trigger a reversal in the indicator wave, the price must surpass a predefined number of points, typically expressed as pip*10, as specified in the parameters. While the last wave may repaint, the underlying premise of this trading method revolves around forecasting market movements by analyzing past wave patterns.

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