No perching allowed

Hmm, I prefer the original bird, it’s got more charm. Who cares if it’s made out of perfect circles, if anything it makes it more corporate, which I’d say is the opposite of what Twitter feels like.

Really it’s just a tightening up of the guidelines and they took a little time to tweak the logo.

The only part of this story that interests me is whether you can use any icon to link to twitter, or if they will become brand-fascists and dictate that everything has to be bland corporate rubber stamp graphics.

I like how Simon Manchip turned his article into an ad for Someone without really saying anything about the brand. I’m not sure what the brand story is for Twitter. I’m not sure where it’s going. For now it’s a simple, easy to use conversation tool that enables me to share problems, inspiration and stories that people who follow me will hopefully find engaging…and vice versa. I hope it stays that way without adding levels of complexity on the path to stock market flotation and imminent doom.

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