New SFA logo axed a few days after launch

The logo was reportedly designed by Carlberg/Richards advertising agency. A day before the reveal, someone who was in the SFA student centre where a banner of the new logo was being set up was able to take a photo before the banner was covered in secrecy. The photo was posted on social media and the reaction was so negative that the school scrapped the design. The ad campaign carried on but used the old logo.

Here’s the photo of the SFA logo banner that got the social media backlash.

New SFA logo axed

The biggest problem many saw with the logo is that it appeared to have the state of Texas wrap around the border of the letters, with Texas extending well into Louisiana.

Here’s the existing design that was retained instead of the newer version.

Old SFA logo

KLTV shared a video report looking back at the SFA logo fail.

I can appreciate why an update was considered because anyone unfamiliar with the original might read it as “9FA” or “SEA.” What are your thoughts on the redesign?

Via Brand New.

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