I Love NY logo set for makeover

Its true that the logo is used everywhere, however, is that not something to be proud of? New York used to be known as the center of the world, the ultimate mashup of world wide culture, with the most spoken languages, ethnic food, and great people; it almost fits that the rest of the world should use it.

Seeing the I love Ny or I love Paris, Bucharest, Frankfurt, Beijing, Sydney, Tokyo, etc, sparks a constant thought that no matter where in the world we are, we are together bonded by humanity.

The new logos are horrendous drawings, some look to be done by children. I would have rather seen I love myself with an image of a thumbprint, the prospected drawings are not symbolic to Ny. The ballet shoes can said for Chicago, Seattle, Paris. Pictures of fashion speak more for Paris than NY.

This reminds me of the Gap logo incident in 2010.

Well see how long it lasts.

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