Behind the innocent logo

Here’s a brief description behind the “face with the halo” logo, quoted from a comment thread on the Fast Tractor innocent blog.

innocent smoothies

“The story goes like this — the name ‘innocent’ came from us (actually via Rich (founder) going through the thesauruses in Huddersfield town library). We had a fair few dodgy names before settling on innocent.

“The logo was designed by Gravy at Deepend. Gravy doodled on a piece of paper in front of us in response to our brief ‘we just need a face with a halo above it’, and we looked at his first sketches and said ‘that’s it’.

“We agreed that Deepend would provide us the first 18 months of design services in return for them getting 2% equity, but Deepend went bust so the equity reverted back to us.”

innocent halo

Story from the keyboard of Dan Germain, head of creative at innocent.

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