A few things #7

Branding: In Five and a Half Steps is one to look out for. Some spreads and detail on the johnson banks blog.

Branding In Five and a Half Steps

It’s out now on (or from November 15th on In the meantime here’s a good chat about johnson banks’ Shelter design.

Fast Company asked a few designers for their choice of greatest logo of all time (you might’ve already seen some personal favourites in the archives).

A saunter up the road, Belfast design studio Whitenoise rebranded, with some tasty motion skills applied to the new monogram.

The SOCMUS website presents a variety of Bulgarian graphic design from the socialist era (1944-1989), and the logo section has some timeless symbols.

Bulgarian logos from the socialist era

The best thing about the new logo for Mexican broadcast network Imagen is definitely this microphone.

Imagen microphone

More of a look on the Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv website.

I often see designers refer to themselves as “creatives.” Not for me. This poster from Thierry Brunfaut’s five-minute series pretty much sums up why.

Creative, non-creative

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