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1- Can I really make a free logo?

Yes, with FreeLogoDesign, you can create and download a logo completely for free. Some of our competitors allow you to create your logo at no cost, but require a payment when downloading, which is not our case! With our publisher, you have access to all the features of our publisher. Your free logo will be in PNG format and the dimensions will be 200 by 200 pixels.


2- Are you going to create my free logo for me?

The FreeLogoDesign team does not design your free logo for you. We offer a publisher that allows people like you to create a logo easily and quickly from templates created by our designers. So, you are the creator of your logo. Be aware, however, that you can hire FreeLogoDesign’s graphic designers to create your custom logo. The price is fixed and very competitive.


3- What can I do with my free logo?

There are several things you can do with your free logo! First, you can install it in the heading of your website, you can use it on social media or insert it in an email signature. However, be careful not to change its dimensions. If you do, it may not display properly.


4- Can I decide to buy a high-resolution logo later?

Yes, you don’t have to buy your logo in high-resolution after it’s created, you can wait until later. If you’ve created an account on FreeLogoDesign, you’ll find all your logos there. If you don’t have an account, find the emailed link to download your logo. This is where you can purchase this package.


5- What exactly is included in the high-resolution package? What is it for?

If you want to make professional use of your logo, the high-resolution package is the option to choose. You will have your logo in different file formats to ensure that your logo is displayed in high-quality, regardless of the medium. The formats included with our high-resolution package are PNG, JPG and resizable SVG vector files. Resizable files are often requested by printers. So, if you want your logo to appear on merchandise or promotional products, it is recommended you buy the high-resolution package after creating your logo.


6- Can I change my high-resolution logo after creating it?

Yes, it is possible to change your logo after you have created it. If you have a FreeLogoDesign account, log in to access your logo. If you don’t have an account, use the emailed link to access the publisher. Make the changes you want and download the new version of your logo.  

If you’ve purchased a high-resolution package for your logo, you can make changes, but there are some restrictions like adding an icon or changing the logo. You will be notified if this is something that requires you re-purchase your logo. Note that you have 7 days to make modifications once it is purchased. 


7- What rights do I have on my logo?

Once you’ve created your logo, you’re the sole owner. You don’t need to credit FreeLogoDesign when you use your logo. However, we recommend you check your country’s trademark licensing laws, as you cannot register your logo as a registered trademark on our website.


8- Can I add a font or image to the FreeLogoDesign editor?

It is not possible to upload an item to the FreeLogoDesign editor, whether it is a font, an icon or an image. We invite you to try out the different creative elements on our platform. We have a large quantity.


9- Do I have to create an account on FreeLogoDesign to have my logo?

You don’t have to create an account on FreeLogoDesign to download your logo. You can choose to create your logo as a guest: just enter your email address after creating the logo so we can send you everything. However, we recommend you create an account. That way, you will be able to access all your creations more easily and download them again if necessary.


10- Where are your offices located?

FreeLogoDesign is a Canadian company with offices in Quebec City.


11- How can I contact your customer service?

It is possible to contact our customer service by email via our contact page. Explain the problem and, if necessary, add image captures. Our team will respond within a few working days. In addition, FreeLogoDesign also has a help center where you can find answers to other common questions about our logo editor. It is not possible to contact our technical team by telephone. 


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