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Why Have a Logo that is Versatile?

One of the most common mistakes when creating a logo is to create an inflexible logo. This means that it does not adapt well to different platforms. As you probably want to have a strong brand image meaning your logo can be used anywhere, you need to create a versatile logo. This often involves being able to create several versions of your logo so that it always looks its best, whether it’s on the web or in print. Flexibility is one of the main criteria of a good logo.

One way to ensure your logo will be flexible is to create one that looks good as a vector file. This will allow you to enlarge or reduce the size of your logo without experiencing a decrease in quality. This will make it easier for you to use a small version of your logo that could be used on your business card or a colour version on a poster, for example. Your logo can be purchased in vector format with Free Logo Design’s high-resolution package.

Have Multiple Versions of Your Logo

There are many ways to modify a logo, however our first piece of advice would be to start by creating a logo that is simple. Avoid the use of multiple colors, multiple fonts, and the addition of small superfluous details. This will make the process easier. Notice how the latest major corporate logo redesigns have focused on simplicity. Over the years, several logos have been simplified, making them more easily used on the web among other formats. For this we only have to think of logo redesigns of Starbucks, Mastercard or Cirque du Soleil.

Now let’s take a closer look at how you can verify that your logo can be used in different ways. Take your logo and create several versions of it. Let your imagination run wild! First of all, do you have a black and white version of your logo? We know you care about your brand colors, but you may have to use your logo on paper or for official documents. It would therefore be important to check if your logo looks good without its colors. In addition, you may have other versions of your logo in different colors. This is what Facebook did to its logo for its products. The color of the Facebook name was changed to the same pink shade as the Instagram logo, and the Whatsapp version was changed to green.

Then, have you ever thought about using only the symbol of your logo? Symbol logos are commonly used, especially by major brands. For example, Apple no longer needs to add their company name below their apple-shaped logo. This version of your logo can be very useful especially on the web or for places where the dimensions are small. For this we only have to think of the social media profile pictures or your favicon. Otherwise, if you want to keep writing on your logo, you can choose to use only a few letters of your company’s name with your symbol too. This is another way to modify your logo to meet your needs!

Free Logo Design Logo Flexibility Analysis

Last year, our team of graphic designers worked hard to create a new logo that was up to date at Free Logo Design. Among our criteria, our new image had to be easy to modify so that we could use it everywhere, whether for printing, on our social media platforms or website. We finally chose to make a combination logo as the main logo, which includes a symbol and the name of the company.

Créez votre propre logo avec FreeLogoDesign

We then made sure that our logo could be used in black and white versions. This is useful especially when we use colorful backgrounds where the blue shade does not match well. Then we also created a version of our logo that is only the symbol. This is what we use for our Facebook page or favicon. As we inserted two letters of the name of our company, it is easier to recognize us.

With these variations, it is then possible to use our logo wherever we need it. It’s not that complicated to create and adapt your logo!

In conclusion, the different versions of your logo will ensure that your brand image is always present and looks its best. Look at the logos of some of the big companies, you will see that they are adaptable. It is easy to use them in different versions according to the need. Now that you know how to make a versatile logo, why not make your brand a little more timeless? What makes a logo last over time and age well?


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