Yahoo? It’s not about the logo.

A case of design for design’s sake?

Although I must say, it doesn’t half generate some media attention.

Yahoo rolls out its new logo, on CNN (I got a quick mention, too)
Yahoo reveals its new logo, on The Verge
This is Yahoo’s brand new logo, on Business Insider
Yahoo finally unveils its new logo, on Mashable
Yahoo’s new logo is a bore, and that’s the whole point, on Gizmodo
Yahoo unveils new logo, on Huffington Post
Yahoo picks a new GeoCities logo, on TechCrunch
CEO Mayer geeks out on Yahoo’s new logo, on USA Today

But as Dan points out, “‘Everyone is talking about our brand!’ is not the same as ‘Everyone loves our product!’”

Yahoo logo sketch

Yahoo logo

Here’s what Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer had to say when talking about Adobe Illustrator.

“I’m not a pro, but I know enough to be dangerous.”

Look out.

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