Unbranded cigarettes perceived as less satisfying

Australia cigarette packagingPhoto by AFP

Following up on last year’s cigarette pack logo ban in Australia, a study published on the BMJ website has found that unbranded packs are an effective deterrent.

“Compared with branded pack smokers, those smoking from plain packs perceived their cigarettes to be lower in quality, tended to perceive their cigarettes as less satisfying than a year ago, were more likely to have thought about quitting at least once a day in the past week, and rate quitting as a higher priority in their lives.”

Australia cigarette packagingPhoto by Maria Nguyen

Standardised cigarette packaging is rightly on the political agenda here in the UK, but stories are emerging about David Cameron’s electoral strategist Lynton Crosby signing a contract with cigarette firm Philip Morris International (PMI) for lobbying services worth an estimated £6M.

That’s the same Lynton Crosby who, in a leaked document obtained by The Guardian, advised a group of private healthcare providers on how to exploit perceived “failings” in the NHS during Government plans for NHS reform.

Money first. Health second.

Via Zerofee.

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