UAE logo to be chosen by public vote, maybe

I don’t know why the public has been asked to decide on the new logo for the United Arab Emirates, but I suppose it’s an improvement over the public being asked to create the design (cue efforts for Zambia and Haiti).

The venture was announced a couple of days ago by Sheikh Mohammed.

UAE logo

There are five options to vote on.

1/ Fabric of Society
UAE logo option

“The repeating lines always appear in groups of seven, representing the seven Emirates. The varied colours are derived from the actual colours present in Emirati art and craft, and not least, the UAE flag.”

2/ Brilliant Evolution
UAE logo option

“The actual map of the country and the seven Emirates make up the basic shape of the symbol.”

3/ ‘You’ can be anything
UAE logo option

“The ‘U’ element in the mark can be anything you wish it to be – and the people of the UAE are invited to create their own versions of the ‘U’.”

4/ Vivid Tapestry
UAE logo option

“The rich heritage and balanced Emirati culture of the seven combined Emirates are contained and balanced within a traditional Kufi script — a route where even when written in English, the appearance is unmistakably Emirati.”

5/ All-Encompassing
UAE logo option

“The UAE is constantly changing, adapting and exploring its potential in the world. A symbol was created to demonstrate this constant state of dynamic evolution — a symbol simple enough to be memorised by the people — to the point where they are able to replicate it with their own hands — no matter the age or ability.”

The designers weren’t available for comment (too busy submitting votes). And although I said this event is better than asking the public to design, there’s a clause on the voting page: “In case you would like to share your suggestions or designs as well, you can reach us at”

My mistake. In 2010 the public was asked to design, but it’s okay, because point #7 in the entry provision clearly states, “There is no fee to enter the contest.” Hurrah!

Visit the UAE Nation Brand website to vote and view contextual images.

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