Typical design contest ending

The one where I said that if you value your time at £0, don’t be surprised when your clients do, too?

There was contention in the comment thread, where I was called a few things (brainless twit being my favourite) for not considering the grand prize of €10,000 plus flights, five nights’ accommodation in Shanghai, the opportunity to showcase work in the museum, and to participate in the residents’ program.

Well, like I mentioned, it may as well be $1M, because when all’s said and done…

1,400 pieces of design were entered.
Two finalists were each given approx. €1,000 (not the stated €10,000).
No-one was chosen as the winner.

Results page.

But it’s okay, because even though the museum owns full copyright to all 1,400 designs, and the entrants can’t use the work in their portfolios, the 10 designers chosen as finalists are going to get a VIP card for the museum.

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