Thomas Cook logo evolution

Derbyshire-born Cook (1808-1892) began his travel company in 1841, 50 years before this brochure cover (below) was in use.

Cooks Tours brochure 1891Cooks Tours brochure cover, 1891, via The Guardian.

The business passed to his only son John who had been his partner since 1864.

Here’s the “Cooks Tours” logo from late in the 19th century.

Cooks Tours logo

In 1914, a fifth continent was added to the surrounding ribbons (below).

Cooks Tours logo

And in 1928 a fifth ribbon was added, and the brand name changed from Cooks Tours to Cook’s Travel Service.

Cooks Travel Service logo

The globe was replaced in 1930 with TC&S for Thomas Cook and Son.

Thomas Cook and Son logo

These two designs were used between the mid-1930s until after the second world war.

Cooks World Travel Service logo

Cooks was seen between the 50s and 70s.

Cooks logo

The “flame red” Thomas Cook logo was introduced in 1974.

Thomas Cook logo 1974

It changed again in 1989.

Thomas Cook logo 1989

The “sea and sun” yellow and blue was launched in 2001.

Thomas Cook logo 2001

Thomas Cook signage 2011Thomas Cook signage, 2011, photo by Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg.

And here’s the new look.

Thomas Cook logoThe sunny heart logo, launched worldwide in October 2013.

“After a successful year in the Nordic countries, the sunny heart is now the unifying symbol for the whole Thomas Cook Group, in more than 70 countries.”

Quoted from the Happy F&B website — the Swedish agency behind the design.

Ving logoVing signage in Sweden and Norway as part of the trial.

Thomas Cook marketing and ecommerce director Mike Hoban said, “The gold sunny heart logo had been created to evoke warmth and emotion and worked for all types of holiday, even skiing. […] Then, the type in metallic grey reflects a high tech, digital Thomas Cook.”

Thomas Cook fleet

Thomas Cook flag

Thomas Cook pool

The Independent reports that this is the first time in Thomas Cook’s 172-year history that all its companies will have a unifying identity.

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Logos and dates courtesy of Loulla-Mae of Marketing Magazine.

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