The Oak Bar logo

Well going off first glances I quite liked it, I do like a bit of Blackletter. Thing is, as mentioned before, the ‘T’ is soooo wrong and if this is clearly obvious to us then surely Pentagram would have noticed that too? I love what they’ve almost done, the monogram is a nice touch and looks really nice on all the little accents (pins, ties…etc), plus, the copper is really nice.

The problem(s) I have with it, other than the ‘T’, is that the leaves on the monogram seem a little blobby and the so-called redrawn logotype is pretty much identical to the red example on their blog.

I know pattern is everywhere at the moment but a nice, delicate yet strong use of a bespoke repeat pattern would have worked nicely in this instance. Maybe even just a section of pattern rather than an all over repeat.

Kinda just looks like all of the current bar identities around at the moment, nice, safe, but lacking balls and soul.

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