“Some of the best logos are obvious.”

Red Cross logo
Red Cross, designed by Henri Dunant, 1863

Penguin logo
Penguin, designed by Jan Tschichold, 1949

Blue Circle logo
Blue Circle, designed by F H K Henrion, 1970

Puma logo

Shell logo
Shell, designed by Raymond Loewy, 1971

Apple logo
Apple, designed by Rob Janoff, 1977 (updated 1999)

Bell logo
Bell System, designed by Saul Bass, 1969

Greyhound logo
Greyhound, designed by Raymond Loewy, mid-1950s, (updated 2010 by Ajana Green of BSSP)

Chevron logo
Chevron, designed by Lippincott Mercer, 1969 (updated 2005)

Sometimes, the design is in the name, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

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