Rio 2016 logo

I have inspected every single logo for every single Olympic Games and in my modest opinion I believe Rio’s is the best. The only one that gets close in such a simple way is Sydney’s, with Barcelona’s being beautifully simple but not as deep in meaning.

Here are the meanings of Rio’s logo so far …

1- Three letters forming the word RiO
2- Three dancers in confraternity (friendship, union)
3- Sugar Loaf profile (city’s landmark)
4- Morro Dois Irmãos profile -> according to the creators / by turning the logo around (city’s landmark) – brotherhood
5- The movement of Copacabana’s sidewalk
6- The Apotheosis Arch at the Sambodrome (Carnaval’s landmark to be used for the marathon’s arrival) – climax
7- The top of a beer can (party/celebration)
8- A pacifier (beginning, first Games in S.America/peace)
9- A penis (humor/inventiveness/imagination/sensuality/sexuality… all traces of the Carioca spirit)
10- A heart (love/passion)

Besides, it is the first 3-D logo ever and could become an awesome sculpture. Not to mention the visual effects it will generate by spinning in its center.

All these meanings and power in such a simple art.

My reaction is…………… WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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