Oculus redesign

The Oculus logo was recently changed, and the result is what I hope I’d come up with. As simple as they come, with a distinctive, appropriate idea — the stylised ‘o’ also working as a stylised headset, and the shape of the slider on the underside mimics the symbol.

Oculus symbol

Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift

There’s a brief reveal video for the Oculus Rift embedded below.

Here’s the old Oculus logo lockup for comparison.

Old Oculus symbol

And the new.

Oculus logo

The website and headset show both the symbol and the wordmark on their own, but in fairly close proximity, so placing the ‘o’ alongside ‘oculus’ seems unnecessary. I’m unsure where the lockup would be used.

Oculus signage

Photo via @thefoxisblack.

The design was a collaboration between Cory Schmitz, Mackey Saturday, Nicolaus Taylor, and Jon Malkemus.

Oculus symbol

Via Rick Banks.

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