Furniture packaging

“The company first launched its site in 1999 with the slightly confusing name/URL––a second choice after it found the URL was already taken. This year the company finally secured the address and made the move to the new name. With the change, the company asked Pentagram’s Michael Bierut to create a new identity and packaging that would help establish as a distinctive brand. The new graphics create an unmistakable look and feel that is fun, personal, and well, a little nutty.” old packaging
The old packaging design packaging packaging
The brand’s cartoon mascots have been redrawn by illustrator Christoph Niemann

Nuts logo
The logo with variations

Nuts typeface
The typeface is based on a hand-drawn alphabet by Michael Bierut boxes identity packaging

For the typeface, illustration, and packaging, all put together, this is one of my favourite identity improvements of the year.

Project Team: Michael Bierut, partner-in-charge and designer; Katie Barcelona and Aron Fay, designers. Illustrations by Christoph Niemann. Font design by Jeremy Mickel based on a hand-drawn alphabet by Michael Bierut.

Seen on the Pentagram website.

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