Microsoft’s new logo

Microsoft logo 2012Photo via KOMO News.

The following paragraph is excerpted from Washington Post.

The redesign features the Microsoft name in a lighter, straight font called Segoe to replace the italic bold type used in the old standby. The new logo also includes the familiar red, blue, yellow and green colors used in the flag on Microsoft’s Windows operating system, but the colors will be in a square box instead of the curvy template that has been in place for years. Those color boxes evoke the tiles that will be central to Windows 8.

More on Creative Review, and thoughts from a few designers on Mashable.

“It needs to be unusual enough to persist in the mind. Those four squares — it’s very inert. It just sits there. It has no motion, no tension — it’s not dynamic in any way.”
— Sagi Haviv

Microsoft logo 2012

I wonder if the decision to make the symbol symmetrical (unlike that in the Windows 8 logo) had something to do with the rotation of tablets between portrait and horizontal.

Via the Microsoft blog.

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