Michael Bierut on why logos endure

Skip to 4:16 for the logo chat. All interesting though.

“The earliest known logo, I believe, is the Bass Ale triangle that’s credited as being the first registered symbol. But think about it, it’s a red triangle. Target is a dot with a circle around it. The Apple logo is a silhouette of an apple and there’s a bite out of it. These are all things that are so simple that I suspect if you came to someone like me and said, ‘Look, I have lots of money to spend and I want the best logo in the world,’ if I came back to you with a red triangle or a dot with a circle around it and said, ‘I’ve thought about this a long time, here you go,’ you would say, ‘What? How much did I pay for this? My three-year-old could do that.’

“What people don’t understand, and I think some designers don’t understand to a certain degree, is that designers only make a vessel to hold things that have to be filled in over time. The power that we associate with the Nike Swoosh has to do with all of the associations that Nike has helped you make with it — commercials, sponsorship. If you like Nike as a company you’ll take the good will that they’ve generated and deposit it right into the vessel they created for it, that shape.”

From the The Creative Influence documentary series by Sandbox Studio.

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