Martin Newcombe, Save Your Logo!

Martin Newcombe logo design

Loving this logo design for Martin Newcombe property maintenance.

product placement logo design

The FontFeed have reported on a new product placement logo, introduced by TV, radio and production company RTL.

Firefox logo evolution

Was there really any need for so many iterations on this Firefox logo before and after? I think not.

Nissan Cube

Nissan Cube vs Moodgadget logo, on ISO50 Blog. Check out those wheels (one giant leap for moon buggies).

iconic logos

Tony Spaeth of Identity Works has launched an accompanying blog, Identity Forum. It kicked off with an insightful post by Jerry Kuyper, The Bug, the Worm and the Death Star, discussing logos and their names.

save your logo

Save Your Logo is a novel idea. (via Quipsologies)

“Many species of flora and fauna can be found in the logos of companies, universities and organisations…

“Save Your Logo provides an opportunity to invest in the conservation of the species seen in these logos.”

Finally, I’ll leave you with what is probably the most useless logo design tutorial I’ve had the misfortune of witnessing. It’s too bad not to share.

You can thank @logoholik for the pleasure.

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