Logos of companies that test on animals

Since March 2013, it has been illegal to sell cosmetic products within the EU that have been, or that contain ingredients, newly tested on animals. But in countries outside the EU — including China and the United States — animals are still used to test cosmetic ingredients and products.

Animal testing causes prolonged periods of pain and torture, and according to PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), here are some of the brands that are still carrying out harmful tests.

Arm and Hammer logo

Aquafresh logo

Avon logo

Bobbi Brown logo

ChapStick logo

Clean and Clear logo


Dove logo

Estee Lauder logo

Febreze logo

Head and Shoulders logo

Johnson and Johnson logo

Listerine logo

L'Oreal logo

Maybelline New York logo

Pampers logo

Pantene logo

Revlon logo

TRESemme logo

Vaseline logo

Vicks logo

I’m not a vegetarian, so this post might seem hypocritical considering PETA’s stance that animals are not ours to eat, but I still think it’s important to stop companies from causing pain for the purpose of selling more stuff.

Instead of buying from the brands in this post, PETA asks us to look for alternatives in their “cruelty-free database.”

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