Logo design from The Chase

Leaf Street logo

Leaf Street logo design

“An environmentally friendly housing association in northern England with a name that can prove its credentials. A leaf becomes a row of houses, becomes a logo.”

Keycutters logo

Keycutters logo design

“An identity for… go on have a guess.”

3CV logo

3CV logo design

“Ethical marketing company with three core values.”

Layezee Beds logo

Layezee Beds logo design

“Part of the Silentnight group. The mark uses a cap L turned 90 degrees to make a bed. The flexible mark uses photography of people to add a human touch, and was also used for diagrams to show product benefits.”

Conception logo

Conception logo design

“A marketing business that’s trusted for fertilising brands with its strategic thinking.”

Great Room logo

Great Room logo design

“The logo for the Great Room, Preston North End Football Club’s dining room.”

Hostage logo

Hostage logo design

“An identity for a film production company specialising in commercials. The answer was in the name, which we followed to the letter.”

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