How many logo options do you present?

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“I’m at a point in my design practice where I don’t want to waste time presenting more than one logo proposal. I feel confident enough to say that after weeks of working on a logo and applying a carefully tested method I don’t need to present two or three options. Instead I can fine tune the one I’m working on. Do you present your clients with more than one option?”

A good question sent in by Rome-based designer Sonia Gazzelloni.

After putting in the project groundwork, I tend to describe two or three very different ideas to my clients, explaining my thoughts in words rather than images. The client can then visualise each direction without getting distracted by details such as colour and typography — things selected at a later stage. Once the client agrees on the most appropriate direction, I’ll create mockups and prepare a presentation.

Explaining ideas in words (and sometimes a sketch or two) narrows the focus in a way that’s much quicker than using Photoshop and Illustrator, so the strongest idea gets developed sooner, without wasting time elsewhere.

How many options do you give your clients?

I asked the same question a couple of years ago for a giveaway of Eric Karjaluoto’s book The Design Method. You can read quite a few replies in the comment thread here.

Another relevant post: The ideal design process? Where I quoted Michael Johnson of johnson banks: “The best three options are presented (one safe, one adventurous, one scary — from a client perspective), a direction is chosen, developed, then signed off.”

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