Flexible brand names

Believe in sketchbookSketchbook photo from Blair Thomson. Collateral on Identity Designed.

These, too.

With Plymouth UniversityFor Plymouth University, designed by Exeter-based Buddy.

SomeOne business cardBusiness card photo courtesy of Simon Manchipp from SomeOne.

Or where the name can flex into different words.

Ink Copywriters

Ink CopywritersFor Ink Copywriters, by Mytton Williams. More on Identity Designed.

Or on a slight logo tangent, when a symbol/monogram can be expanded like this.

New Theatre logo

New Theatre logoFor New Theatre, by the Sydney office of Interbrand.

Then there are companies like Us. “How to get in contact with Us,” and, “What do Us do exactly?” Or Glad, who say that, “Anyone who chooses to work with us will be Glad™ that they did.”

Glad Creative

Proud is another example. “Our goal is to create work that makes our clients and everyone at the studio proud.”

Or what about having your next creative project designed by good people?

Even the much-maligned UAL identity holds some of that flexibility.

University of the Arts London logoOriginal by Pentagram, adapted by D13904, a commentator on Brand New.

Just something I was thinking about.

Michael Johnson wrote a relevant piece for Creative Review.
What’s in a name? Just about everything.

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