Everglades Nation, make it a million

Disregard the problem with spec work for a second, and imagine that running a design contest actually isn’t a waste of a company’s time.

Florida everglades

Everglades Nation is asking designers to submit their best work for a chance to win $15,000. That’s a sizeable budget, and one that would go a long way toward hiring an excellent designer — one who will offer much more than a single 600 x 600px submission.

But when the contest rules state the following, why not just make it $1,000,000?

“Entrant further acknowledges and agrees that, upon submission, the work becomes the sole and exclusive property of Sponsors [Everglades Nation] who shall have the right to edit, modify, publish, broadcast, publicize, market and/or distribute the submitted work(s) at their discretion at anytime or otherwise use in any way the entry, Entrant’s name and likeness, without further compensation to Entrant, whether or not judged a winner and Entrant will provide written consent upon request. This agreement will be binding upon Entrant’s heirs, successors and assigns.

“Sponsors are not responsible for administration of the competition or in the announcement of the prizes.”


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