Eleven logos by The Partners

“The Partners was set up with one modest ambition: Simply, to be the most creative agency in the world.”
— Aziz Cami, chairman and co-founder, The Partners

Here’s a small sample of work by the team.

Models 1

Models 1 logo design

Model agency, UK.
Art director: Nina Jenkins.
Designers: Rob Howsam, Steve Owen, Tony De Ste Coix, Annabel Clements.
Logo designed in 1999.


Wedgwood logo design

Fine-china producer, UK.
Art directors: Aziz Cami, Nina Jenkins.
Designers: Steve Owen, Tony De Ste Coix.
Logo designed in 2000.

London Symphony Orchestra

London Symphony Orchestra logo design

Musical company, UK.
Art director: Nick Clark.
Designer: Martin Lawless.
Logo designed in 2001.

De Beers

De Beers logo design

Diamond jewelry joint venture, UK.
Art directors: Gill Thomas, Aziz Cami, Janet Neil.
Designers: Mike Paisley, Rob Holloway.
Logo designed in 2002.


Goldsmiths logo design

Jewelry retail chain, UK.
Art directors: Nina Jenkins, Tim Prior, Nick Eagleton.
Designers: Helen Cooley, Sue Farrington, Claire Turner.
Logo designed in 2003.

University College London

UCL logo design

University, UK.
Art director: Jack Renwick.
Designer: Jess Philpott.
Logo designed in 2005.

Chesterton International

Chesterton International logo design

Estate agent, UK.
Art directors: Nina Jenkins, Tim Prior.
Designers: Bob Young, Sophie Hayes.
Logo designed in 2005.

Anglo American

Anglo American logo design

International mining group, UK / South Africa.
Art director: James Beveridge.
Designers: Annabel Clements, Esther Rushton, David Richards, Ian Lankibury.
Logo designed in 1999.

Aurora Orchestra

Aurora Orchestra logo design

Chamber orchestra, UK.
Art directors: Nick Eagleton, Nick Clark.
Designers: Kerry Ostermeyer, Claire Turner.
Logo designed in 2005.

Gravity Flooring

Gravity Flooring logo design

Contract flooring company, UK.
Art director: Nina Jenkins.
Designer: Steve Owen, James Harvey, Leon Bahrani, Kate Shepherd.
Logo designed in 2005.


Jaguar logo design

Performance car manufacturer, UK.
Art director: Greg Quinton.
Designers: Steve Owen, Helen Cooley.
Logo designed in 2002.

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