Arlington was founded in 1875 on the Texas and Pacific Railway as a market town for surrounding farms. In 1972 the Washington Senators baseball team relocated to Arlington and began playing as the Texas Rangers, establishing Arlington in the Dallas-Fort Worth area as a major sports hub for the region.

Downtown Arlington logo

The logo spells out the word downtown in multi-colored letters in alternating typefaces, hovering over the word Arlington. The corporation reportedly spent about $30,000 on the new branding campaign.

“We are trying to create an image in people’s mind that you can have fun downtown. There are a lot of cool things going on.”
— Tony Rutigliano

Downtown Arlington logoA flag with the new Downtown Arlington logo flies at Levitt Pavilion. Photo by Rodger Mallison.

“It’s something the business owners downtown are paying for. They see the value. The see the importance of branding downtown,” said Rutigliano, who was hired late last year to head the nonprofit agency.

Downtown Arlington logo

Downtown Arlington logo

Downtown Arlington logo

The comments on the following two reports seem to sum-up the general feeling.

Downtown Arlington’s signature logo arrives, on Arlington Citizen-Journal.
Does this new logo have you dying to visit Downtown Arlington? on FrontBurner

Via @majomo.

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