Do good logos need to look good?

Phaidon is releasing a revised and expanded edition of Per Mollerup’s 1997 book Marks of Excellence. Steven Heller took the opportunity to ask Per a few questions over on The Atlantic. Here’s an excerpt.

Well known logosCover detail from the new edition of Marks of Excellence (link shows photos of the first edition)

“…is Microsoft’s logo ‘excellent’ because the design is impeccable, or because consumers recognize it in an instant? Is Harrods’ script ‘excellent’ because it is old, or for aesthetic reasons? Is Chiquita Banana ‘excellent’ because it deploys a dancing banana and we find her cute? And is Ray-Ban ‘excellent’ because of all the fashion advertising buzz that has built its rep?”
— Steven Heller

“Well-designed logos are the work of the designers. Successful logos imply the company’s use of the logo. A mediocre logo in terms of design quality can be used to good effect through a great mix of consistency and variation. The Coca-Cola logo is not, and never was, an outstanding design. However, it has been used with great ingenuity.”
— Per Mollerup

Read the full piece here: Do good logos need to actually, you know, look good?

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