Crowdsourcing Liechtenstein

A competition was launched in January (2012) where the entrants were briefed to create a logo using the Liechtenstein national colours of blue, red and gold, and to reflect values such as self-determination, independence and security.

Liechtenstein location

Liechtenstein political map

Liechtenstein location

The winning design (below) was created by UK-based designer and citizen of Liechtenstein Marc Weymann.

Liechtenstein logos

“According to the Liechtenstein government, Weymann’s identity was chosen from the shortlist of five following a nationwide poll open to all citizens of Liechtenstein aged 14 years or over — around 30,000 people.”
— Design Week

Liechtenstein logosThe five shortlisted logos

Weymann’s logo picked up 6072 votes from across Liechtenstein to win the competition ahead of consultancies and designers in Spain, Germany and Switzerland.

The new identity will be used from May 1st 2012 and replaces the 2004 identity created by Wolff Olins.

Story and info via Design Week. Also reported by Wolff Olins.

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