British Airways logo evolution

British Airways posterBritish Airways Concorde poster, 1980s, credit

British Airways helicopterBritish Airways helicopter

Old British Airways logoBritish Airways logo from 1973-1982

When the airline was first launched, it did so with a wordmark that showed ‘British’ in title case, and ‘airways’ in lower case. It wasn’t a good look. The stacked version in particular was more befitting of a budget airline, and the removal of the dot above the ‘i’ in airways added to the low quality feel.

British Airways liveryBritish Airways livery in 1979

British Airways livery

British Airways logo 1984British Airways logo from 1982-1997

The 1982 logo was a huge step in the right direction, identifying the airline as a much more premium brand than before.

British Airways posterConcorde and (likely) Queen Elizabeth 2, 1985, credit

British Airways Boeing 737-236British Airways Boeing 737-236

British Airways logo 1997British Airways logo from 1997-present

Designed by Newell & Sorell, 1997 (since merged with Interbrand).

“The BA ribbon is a distant echo of the Speedbird symbol first used by Imperial Airways in 1932 and then by BOAC.”

Quoted from Logo, by Michael Evamy.

British Airways logoPhoto via The Drum

British Airways guidelinesBritish Airways guidelines

British Airways guidelines

Here’s a downloadable PDF of the comprehensive British Airways brand guidelines (from 2007), and I’ve collated plenty more identity style guides for reference.

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