Bell System logo redesign, by Saul Bass

Here’s a 1969 newspaper clipping about the project.

Saul Bass Bell System newspaper clipping

This half-hour film was made by Bass’ company as a presentation to AT&T executives.

A quote from toward the end.

“In the new look, each impression contributes to the whole. Each signal, one piece of a mosaic, operated as a national visual communications system. It will introduce into every town in this country a new Bell look of excellence.

“The new look, for many, will be their assurance that they should join us, stay with us, invest in us, and that we believe in, and act by, our commitment to an ever-improving service.

“Gentlemen, Bell is alive, and living in the mainstream of today, with a look that says we will be the communications leader of tomorrow, just as we lead today.”

A fascinating insight into how Bass pitched his work.

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