Architectural Logos, from Counter-Print

Architectural Logos contains a selection of logos, trademarks, and symbols from around the world that are formed from architectural elements such as houses, buildings, windows, stairs, and doors, etc.

The book is a collection of work from some of the most talented designers and studios around the world including Anagrama, Bond Creative Agency, Civilization, Fuzzco, Garbett, Grand Deluxe, Stefan Kanchev, Lundgren+Lindqvist, Richard Robinson Design, and many more.

Architectural Logos book
Kinarie, by Grand Deluxe, and Houseology, by Graphical House
Architectural Logos book
Punch House, by Dan Blackman
Architectural Logos book
Blackhorse Lane Ateliers, by Studio Small, Groep Van de Kerckhove, by Chilli, and Elvine, by Lundgren+Lindqvist
Architectural Logos book
Burack and Company, by Essex Two, and Hotel Shipka, by Stefan Kanchev
Architectural Logos book
Ribbon, by Brandclay, and Brooklyn High Rise, by Yossi Belkin

Title: Architectural Logos
Price: £7.50
Published by: Counter-Print

Size: 105x146mm
Pages: 108

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