A negative space odyssey

Martin Newcombe logoMartin Newcombe Property Maintenance, by buddy.

A.G. Low Construction logoA.G. Low Construction, by Rebecca Low.

Nexcite rabbit logoNexcite, by Amore, via Blair Thomson.

American Institute of Architects logo designAmerican Institute of Architects Center, by Pentagram.

Ogden Plumbing logoOgden Plumbing, by Astuteo.

WWF logoWWF, by Sir Peter Scott, modified by Landor.

FreemanWhite logoFreemanWhite, by Malcolm Grear Designers.

Brand Union logoThe Brand Union, by The Brand Union.

MyFonts logoMyFonts, by Underware.

Egg n Spoon logoEgg n Spoon, by Thoughtful.

Human logoHuman, by Social UK.

Dolphin House logoDolphin House, by Ico Design.

Eaton logoEaton, by Lippincott (thanks Brendan).

Elefont logoElefont, by Logo Motive Designs.

USA Network logoUSA Network, by Sean Serio.

CultureBus logoCultureBus, by Pentagram.

Carrefour logoCarrefour, original design examined by Miles Newlyn (thanks Rianna).

Henri Ehrhart logoHenri Ehrhart monogram, by me (shameless).

Sinkit logoSinkit, by smashLAB.

Guild of Food Writers logoGuild of Food Writers, by 300million.

ED logoED, by Gianni Bortolotti.

Blade logoBlade, by Subversive Design.

Premier Catering logoPremier Catering, by Madhouse, via Logolog.

The Waterways Trust logoThe Waterways Trust, by Pentagram.

FedEx logoFedEx, by Lindon Leader while at Landor.

Knoll logoKnoll, by NB: Studio, via Logolog.

Ryan Biggs logoRyan Biggs Associates, by id29.

Hartford Whalers logoHartford Whalers, by Cummings & Good (thanks Jeff).

Conception logoConception, by The Chase.

Yoga Australia logoYoga Australia, by Roy Smith Design.

Vanderbilt University logoVanderbilt University, by Malcolm Grear Designers.

Recycle Taiwan logoRecycle Taiwan, designer unknown.

NBC logoNBC, by Steff Geissbuhler while at Chermayeff & Geismar.

New Bedford Whaling Museum logoNew Bedford Whaling Museum, by Malcolm Grear Designers.

Mouse logoMouse, by Johnson Banks.

A couple of other nice ideas, one for a company named Landfit, and another for Snooty Peacock.

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