A fluke accident. Clearly.

The Texan City of Amarillo unveiled a new logo on November 9th, but it didn’t take long before someone in the city’s IT department flagged up something similar.

Amarillo logo

Emaar logo

Dubai real estate company Emaar Properties filed for a U.S. trademark registration on its logo in 2006.

Emaar logo
Photo via Wikimedia Commons

About $30,000 was budgeted for the rebrand, and although not all the money was spent, I wonder who got paid.

City spokesperson Sonja Gross said, “It’s just kinda amazing. It’s just one of those fluke accidents.”

Amarillo Emaar logos

Mayor Paul Harpole said the city is looking into whether it might be possible to tweak the design. “It’s a choice if we want to use something that’s that similar, and then can you tweak it enough and will they care?”


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Thanks for the tip, Edwin.

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