A few thoughts on pricing

In the long run, to be the cheapest is a refuge for people who don’t have the flair to design something worth paying for, who don’t have the guts to point to their product or their service and say, ‘this isn’t the cheapest, but it’s worth it.’
Seth Godin

Money, Venice BeachMonopoly mascot, via Thomas Galvez

Price accurately, identify scope creep, communicate points clearly, and bill for every moment worked. I don’t propose unethical behavior, but failing to bill for your time, cheats everyone.
Eric Karjaluoto

A client recently asked me if I could design a cheap logo (for a restaurant). I asked him if he could make me some foul-tasting food, to which he replied ‘Probably, but why would I want to? My business is…’ He didn’t finish the sentence, as he’d got the point.
Richard Knobbs

I’ve given you my price and it’s the price that I need to charge to bring a deep sense of obligation to the job. Will I work for less? Probably. Can you negotiate with me? Sure. We can have that type of relationship if you really want me to be that type of designer and you want to be that type of client.
Blair Enns

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