A few things #4

“I’m surprised how little we designers understand about, or even study, the nature of liking. I feel we often work in agreement systems where we can feel safe about what we like. Some people like what their parents liked. Others can’t stand it. What counts is what people want to have in their lives and for us to understand why.”

A letter from Michael Wolff.

Pip Jamieson’s tips for building a standout portfolio, on CR Blog.

Michael Beirut talking about the primitive power of logos.

Dan Mall’s advice on pricing your design work.

Walt Disney logo variations. Via Delphine.

Amado identity

Lovely identity work by Anagrama for Amado, a Mexican artisan bakery and candy boutique.

Paul Rand introducing the NeXT trademark to Steve Jobs and his team. Via Marin.

And this…

“But I’ve come to see that the most successful of our students have a worldview shift during our program, an entire change in their demeanor towards the built world around them. They come to see rules as malleable, power structures as changeable, and culture as embodied. They see design as a vehicle for slow but influential behavior change, and they recognize that over time, this behavior change impacts the landscape of the world.”

Everything is made up. Via Russell Davies.

Earlier things.

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