A closer look at ambigrams


aerosmith logo

John Langdon designed this logo for Aerosmith.

“Created to be a gift from Dan Brown to Stephen Tyler. I was able to retain the look of Aerosmith’s long-standing logo, while turning it into a rotational ambigram.”

John has written some great tips for those wanting to create their own ambigrams, and I’ve referenced his website in the resources below.


wachovia logo

More info about Brian Risk’s take on the Wachovia logo.


balance ambigram logo

A personal design from Agency26.


edge logo

Edge logo, designed by Raja Sandhu.


ann logo

Logo designer: Kevin Burr of Ocularink.

Delorean Motor Company

delorean logo

Designed by Phil Gibbon, this one’s a mirror-image ambigram, for the car made famous in Back to the Future.

Update: #1
The following two logos, for NIN and ABBA, have ambigram-like qualities.

Nine Inch Nails

nine inch nails logo

For the band Nine Inch Nails.


abba logo

Logo for the iconic band, ABBA.


new man logo

Logo for the French clothes manufacturer, NEW MAN, designed in 1969 (source) by Raymond Loewy. This was one of your favourite logos, featured here previously.


blacksmith logo

Blacksmith website. Thanks, Steve.

Society 27

society 27 logo

The Society 27 ambigram is a personal project of Pavel Pavlov.

Truce Vodka

truce vodka logo

Not quite an ambigram, and I’m not sure what you’d call it, but I found it interesting nonetheless — for Truce Vodka, by Agency26, who also created the Balance ambigram shown previously.

Update #2:
If you know who’s responsible for the Truce design, do let me know.

Update #3:
I’ve been told it’s by Turner Duckworth. Thanks, Owen.


For those travel-loving logo designers out there, how about this ambigram travel mug?

ambigram travel mug

It’s available from Flipscript, and reads ‘travel’.


labyrinth ambigram

I found this beautiful ‘labyrinth’ design in the ambigram Flickr pool.

Logo for Ambigram

ambigram logo

You’ll notice this one isn’t quite like the others. It’s a logo for the Ambigram advertising agency, created by Pentagram (more info on Pentagram’s blog). I think they missed a trick by not actually allowing for rotation. Okay, so it may not have been as legible, but you only need to visit the Wikipedia page on ambigrams for an example of how effective it could’ve been.

Happy holidays

holiday ambigram

A fitting way to wrap-up, wishing you all a very happy holiday period with this ambigram from npgraphicdesign.

Ambigram resources

  1. John Langdon’s ambigram gallery
  2. Advice on learning to create ambigrams, from John Langdon.
  3. Inversions, by Scott Kim
  4. Ambigram Flickr group, currently over 1,700 images.
  5. 10 great ambigram logos, from Alec Rios.
  6. Flipscript ambigram products, and the PRWeb news story behind how Flipscript started.
  7. Love / amor optical illusion.
  8. Ambigram’s by nagfa — Naguib and Fadilah have clearly done this before.

Have you created any you’d like to share?

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