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1- It’s free

Few online logo publishers allow you to create a free logo from beginning to end. Most of the time, it is only the creation that is free of charge and not the whole process. FreeLogoDesign allows you to create and own a logo completely for free. Create a 200 x 200-pixel PNG logo – which gives you a transparent background. You’ll even have access to all our templates and features. For example, you could use this logo format for your website, social media or email signature.

2- Easy to use

As mentioned above, just because you have no drawing talent doesn’t mean you can’t create a great logo. The FreeLogoDesign editor is very simple to use. Start by choosing one of our templates, then customize it. We have hundreds of icons at your disposal, as well as dozens of fonts to create the logo you need. To change an item, just click on it: an editor will change to show you everything you can do.  Move, rotate, enlarge, change color or font, add an icon or text, it’s very easy to use the FreeLogoDesign editor!

3- Several templates are available

Are you looking to create a monogram logo or a combined logo? No matter what type of logo you want to create, we probably have a template that will inspire you! On our logo ideas page, find more than 25 categories for our templates including education, fashion and beauty, food and drink, web, etc. Click on the category of your choice and see the logos created by our team of graphic designers. You can use any template to start creating your logo. That way you don’t start from scratch!

4- It only takes a few minutes

You don’t have to wait days or weeks to get your logo. With FreeLogoDesign, it will only take you a few minutes. Start by choosing one of our many templates, then customize it with our easy-to-use editor. When you’re happy with the result, click finish and choose whether you want our free or paid option. You will then receive an email with your logo, it’s as simple as that! Keep in mind that you can always make changes to your logo regardless of your plan.

5- You have access to a logo generator as needed

Are you short on ideas or would like someone to make a logo for you? This is also possible with our logo generator created with artificial intelligence. Our process has been simplified to make it even easier to create a logo. Grab your phone and go to www.freelogodesign.org. Then, enter the name of your company (or your project, restaurant, sports team, etc.), your slogan (optional) and include your industry. You can choose up to 5 keywords that represent you. Next, select the icons you’d like to use on your logo, the colour palettes you prefer, and the fonts. Then let our generator show you dozens of different logos that you can customize and use!

6- You have access to high-resolution files as needed

You may need to put your logo on clothing or promotional items. For good quality, printers will often ask to have your logo as a vector graphic. Good news! You have access to vector files (SVG) as well as many other formats with FreeLogoDesign’s high-resolution offer. For only a few dollars, you’ll have all the formats you need for your logo, whatever your needs. That means your logo will always be displayed perfectly! Note, you don’t have to choose the high-resolution offer when you create a logo with us. You can start by creating a free logo with our editor, then decide later to get the files in high-resolution or not! 

7- It’s the best on the market!

When you type “create a logo” in Google, chances are you’ll see FreeLogoDesign appear in the first search results. In addition to our offer to create a completely free logo, our editor is easy and fun to use. So, there’s a good reason why search engines rank us as the best logo editor! FreeLogoDesign is used around the world and everyday thousands of logos are created directly on our website. There are more than 2 million people like you who have used our publisher to create their logo! If necessary, read our customers’ genuine reviews on our Customer Reviews page.


In conclusion, we think you are capable of making your own logo with FreeLogoDesign! It’s simple, fast and you can get your logo for free. What’s even better, doing it yourself feels great!

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