3 letters, 48 hours, 1 logo

The logo for news channel CNN was designed in 1980 by the late Anthony Guy Bost, who had also been a professor at the University of Auburn. Toni Dwyer of Atlanta-based Communication Trends, Inc. (the ad firm that worked with CNN before the channel got off the ground) distinctly remembered presenting the designs to the powers that be. “There were several forms of the logo they weren’t exactly wild about, there was one we thought would play the best, we tried to keep it simple.”

In 1980, Terry McGuirk, vice president of Turner Broadcasting, was involved in the start-up of the news channel. He was the first to see the logo presentation, and said, “They gave us four or five different looks, and one sort of stood out, a cable running through the letters C-N-N.” CNN founder Ted Turner liked the logo, and the choice was made.

When it came to how much the project was worth, Toni Dwyer said, “For the price of the logo, we wanted something like $5,000. They (CNN) all threw a fit, and the final bill was $2,800 or $2,400.”

CNN logo

The logo was not without its critics. Canadian National Railway believed it closely resembled its logo and raised some concern about the matter. “I didn’t know anything about railroads or the Canadian National Railroad,” Dwyer said. “When I looked at the logos, it wasn’t even close.”

Thirty years later, that logo designed in less than 48 hours is still on the screen, although it’s been slightly changed and sometimes animated.

Here’s the CNN “bug” as shown on-screen (on YouTube).

Details quoted from an old CNN blog post that’s seemingly no longer available. Via Quipsologies.

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